Patagonia series | To the end of the world and back | episode 20 — Day 19 | Final stop, the rainy Buenos Aires

The rain seemed to follow us everywhere we’ve been during this trip. Not too surprised that we arrived in Buenos Aires and it was raining hard! We lodged in Loft Argentino Apart Hotel Buenos Aires for our last 2 nights of our trip in Patagonia.  

It was Christmas day so the streets were largely deserted and most shops and restaurants were closed.

Day19 Buenos Aires (1)




I think the only people on the streets would have been a few tourists like us.

We spent most of our time in the room that day and went out twice when the rain was slightly lighter.

The next day though the city seemed to light up again, many more people and a lot more traffic.  It was a shame that we were due to leave and so really was never able to experience Buenos Aires in its full glory.

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