The Half-day Sandbank Fun in Maldives

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Sandbank trip & Huraa 4

Sandbank trip & Huraa 115



Day 2 – The Half-day Sandbank Fun in Maldives

What a pleasant morning! After a night of resting we were led to our breakfast table in ‘The Sunrise Huraa Guest House’. Both of us had ordered the Maldivian breakfast on the night before, and it was amazing. Click here to see the recipe of the Maldivian Tuna Wrap.

There were only 3 tables set up in the back garden of the guest house. A Chinese couple sat on the other table, we then realised that we will be on the same tour today for The Half-day Sandbank Fun. Every guest house on the residential islands own a boat and they offer activities to guests. Prices can vary, however they are definitely cheaper than the prices offered by any of the resorts.

We boarded the guest house’s speed boat. There were so many sandbanks in the region, some were already occupied with a few visitors. Approximately 20 mins later, we found one in the middle of the sea. Our guest house was very prepared for these kind of activities. The 4 of us were busy taking enjoying picturesque scenery taking photographs whilst the owner is setting up the resting spot with picnic and parasol. The sea water was so warm and clear. I saw a baby shark pass by the sandbank. We were offered plenty of non-alcoholic drinks and sandwiches.

Sandbank trip & Huraa 125

We rested under the parasol sipped away some cold drinks. It was peaceful, a perfect spot to meditate on the meaning of life. Unfortunately the peace didn’t last very long, along came some more visitors to this little sandbank. Despite the vast area of ocean these small peaceful areas are well known to the locals.

A few hours later we departed to find a good spot for snorkeling. As we were looking out to the horizon, the captain shouted out to look ahead and we saw thousands of dolphins jumping in and out of the water. It was incredible. It was moving too fast and we were still quite far away from the scene so I couldn’t take any good photos.

See dolphins from distance?




We spent another half an hour snorkeling in the atoll then returned back to the guest house.

Do you know…
The sun in Maldives seemed really strong, the 50+ sunblock lotion doesn’t seem to work very well. All of us were tanned terribly. We saw the local store sells sun lotion with at least 70+ and 110+, there is not an option for 50+…

We got back to our room from the most relaxing tour we had in all our travel history, chilling in the room for a little bit then headed out to check out the local beaches on this residential island. There was another Italian family of 4 lodging in the same guest house for 10 days. I am quite amazed how they could spend entire 10 days on this little island since you could reach end to end in just 30 mins slow pace walk. We saw them chilling out on the bikini beach which is privately used for the guests from several accommodations on Huraa Island.

Walking around Huraa from end to end, we checked out every corner of the entire island in less than an hour.

Viligili Island 83

Sandbank trip & Huraa 198
Huraa island center

The island itself didn’t have much to offer, a few shops in the center and a pretty mosque sits right in the middle of the island.

Viligili Island 89
Huraa Mosque

A we walked we passed some information and saw there is an option to purchase a day pass to access Club Med on the next island. After speaking to our guest house about this to the owner he was able to make similar arrangements with the day pass organiser. I also convinced the Chinese couple to join us and they seemed really delighted so off we go! To Club Med resort.

Sandbank trip & Huraa 196
A list of activities …

Continue reading Day 3 – A day visit to Club Med… coming soon.

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