A Day Visit to Club Med from Huraa.

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Club Med Kani 3

Club Med Kani 105

Club Med Kani 43

Club Med Kani 132

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Good morning! I greeted to the Chinese couple sitting next to our breakfast table. After yesterday’s social connection, I think we got along well. Both of them live in Shanghai, and staying on Maldives for a 5-day holiday. They had both studied and worked in the chemical industry and were in their 40s. The husband opened his own consultancy firm in chemical plant performance management and the wife is now a self employed stock trader.

It’s part of the beauty of travelling and meeting new people. I do enjoy learning other people’s lives and different cultures. Soon after the breakfast we departed for Club Med.

We had negotiated a day pass with our guest house owner to USD 120 per person (well, USD 120 is the standard price you could get from other tour vendors), which may seem quite expensive but all inclusive after all.

Club Med is located just 5 mins away from Huraa by boat. When the tide is low, I feel I could even walk there! Although this tour is arranged by the owner of the guest house, he has to go through an agent called Mustafa to get us booked for Club Med. Mustafa has to then to take us into the resort and sign us up for the day pass.

Club Med Kani 1
Jetty entrance to the Club Med
Club Med Kani 3
The enormous tree next to the reception

We stood under an enormous tree outside the reception while Mustafa is signing us in. There was a little stand with list of activities that Club Med is offering for the day. While the options sounded really fun they were very expensive compared with alternative vendors. We were given a yellow waistbands signifying that we are day pass guests. Unlimited drinks! It was 10am and all 4 of us started drinking cocktails!

Club Med Kani 7

We found a great spot under a palm tree to chill on the beach front with a view of the ocean and the water looked warm and clear. You can see sea planes landing and taking off from time to time to the right near the main arrival jetty. Before lunch opened there was barbeque stand just on the beach, of course, unlimited. The restaurant for lunch offered so many choices of different regional cuisines that I spent almost 30 minutes just trying to decide what to have first. All you can eat of course.

Club Med Kani 115

Club Med Kani 105

Club Med Kani 104

We walked around the entire island, the resort offers good facilities. There are water villas on one end of the island. The resort staff identify their guests by the colour of the wristband. The water villas cost an average price of 2,000 USD per night, and their wristband is upgraded from simple coloured polyester to leather.

Club Med Kani 43

Club Med Kani 75

Club Med Kani 6

Club Med Kani 111

I am an active person and a holiday in a resort is simply not my preference. However, a chilled day in Club Med post our intensive travelling from Sri Lanka is very much appreciated. Also to remember, the resorts in Maldives seem to be the only place you are able to get alcoholic drinks.

Club Med Kani 130

The day pass is valid until 6pm, so we had a great sunset view when we returned to our island to end our very relaxing day in Club Med.

Club Med Kani 132

The question remains was it worth it; and I think that comes down to how long you are in Maldives for and what sort of budget you are on.  It is pricey but it’s worth mentioning that the Club Med island didn’t have any mosquitoes, the beach was clean and the water clear, so if you’re in Maldives this is a good opportunity to enjoy a taste of the resorts and I think what Maldives is trying to promote.

In comparison to the ‘free’ beaches you may come across, these may not be clean, free of mosquitoes and with no bar or refreshment areas.

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