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Hi, many thanks for visiting my BLOG and I am especially grateful that you are reading about ME. This page is all about me, me, me…

Well, let’s start this way… my life is pretty predictable, I have a day job that pays the bills. Occasionally the business sends me off to the some interesting places but most of the time when I am in the office and thinking that I would rather have a job cleaning mirrors as it is something I can see myself doing.

My introduction is probably too long, if I were going to make it short in one sentence it would be:

“Damn, I live in a country that is constantly is windy, wet and cold which is not benefitting to my well being at all, let’s get out of here and seek for a place that is more exotic and fun!”

To make it long, then you need to be prepared and I do hope you don’t drop your iPad, iPhone, tablet or other Android product (maybe a Windows product) when you’re about to fall asleep in the couch or on the long commute to work/home.

perubolivia-2576My name is Ella, I am from China but currently live in London (almost 10 years, I think I will celebrate it when it comes to 10 years or maybe it’s already long gone past depending on when you read this post), my day job involves the delivery of smooth running conferences with the world’s most trendy financial topics globally. This is also why the business would say to me “have a good trip” every 1 to 2 months. I like project managing particularly more when those unforeseeable circumstances occasionally pop up. In the corporate world, we call it a challenge.

My travelling hobby started in 2009 when I had to go to Madrid to oversee the conference, this was my first foreign destination after I settled in the UK. I was pretty naive when it came to geography and foreign culture. Then in 2010, I was required to go to Lagos and Nairobi, both trips have widened my view of the world, and ever since, I became really addicted to exploring new countries, learning about new cultures, meeting new people, trying authentic cuisines, experiencing art, listening to traditional music and so on.

holaIn 2013, I decided to discover a continent that seemed very far away from me considering I am from China. I picked up a phrase book in Spanish, to my own surprise, I fell in love with this beautiful language instantly. This has become my other major hobby in recent years.

perubolivia-2583Ok, let’s be honest and I won’t hide my failure… in 2009 before I started work as a world traveller (Oops, sorry, I meant, not a world traveller, an office dull lady that always gets a seat in a conference with the world’s most trendy topics), I tried to become a very intelligent web developer and a graphic designer, and I tell you, it didn’t go down very well as the technology advances so rapidly, it became really hard to keep up with all the knowledge required in the field without working in the industry. Then a bowl of ice water poured over my head by one of my best friends, she said: “Oh Ella, wake up, you don’t have a sense of commercial beauty!” OK, this is a sentence translated directly from Chinese but you get the point. Basically my friend criticised me in that I don’t have the right sense to become a good graphic designer. With that I gave up on my hope to become a web developer or a graphic designer. Luckily, my current job has offered me great opportunities to see the world which now also become one of my hobbies.

Before I started this blog I used other website services (well, at the time, I was trying to sell my web developing and graphic designing skills) and I’ve written travel blogs in Chinese but not every travel I’ve done. In 2013, all of sudden, I was in love with learning Spanish therefore I started writing blogs in Spanish. Until now, November 2016, I started to write blogs in English and it is my aim to share my travel experiences with other people who are interested to see the places I have been.

This blog is in 3 languages, it totally depends on my mood at the time when I started writing. As you can see it’s very new, so maybe I don’t have many posts in the language you want… so if you return in 2020, there should be hundreds of new posts that you can read or maybe you are convinced to follow me to get my exciting stories around the world, or maybe I will have re-settled back in China so you can hear my complaints about the smog, traffic, vast population.  Or you may hear the complete opposite with interesting history, culture, language and so on that will make you want to visit China right there and then! OK, Let’s go!

By the way my favorite phrase in life at the moment is from the movie Kung Fu Panda (although I can’t guarantee if this will be the only phrase forever unless I hear another better one in the future), the phrase is:

Yesterday is HISTORY, tomorrow is a MYSTERY, but today is a GIFT. That is why it is called PRESENT.

That’s all about me that is related to this blog, a history of how I started and a quick future prediction! What else should I put here…mmm? Oh, if you don’t want to miss out on the most exciting, wonderful, exotic or “esoteric” trips I’ve made or will do, then you should follow me on: 

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