Time travel through the 50s | Cuba Part 1 | La Habana & Cienfuegos

Cuba has always been on top of my list of countries to visit for many years. It’s a fascinating country after it was politically abandoned by the rest of the world, although it is a popular destination for most holiday makers. Finally in 2nd quarter of 2014 we sorted out our flight tickets and then we were set to go.

Travel is a pleasure, it is also a learning experience | Intensive Spanish Culture Discovery in 2 days

Flamenco started in the regions of Andalusia. It is an art form which includes singing, guitar playing, dance, vocalisations, hand clapping and finger snapping. The dance originated in the music and dance styles of Andalusia. Since the Spanish government has been promoting it, Flamenco has become one of the symbols of Spain, a nation wide event within the country.