Maldivian Breakfast: Tuna Wrap

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It’s a modified tuna wrap. In Maldives people serve with a fried egg as a separate thing. Wraps are the same type as people use for Beijing Duck.

We really liked the taste and the ingredients are easy to find, so when we got home we tried different ways of making it. The below method is the most easy way and convenient.  


  • Chives 15 gram – finely chopped
  • Can tuna x 1 – drain the water away
  • Quarter of a lime – squash the juice out
  • Desiccated coconut – a hand full
  • Plain omelet with 2 eggs
  • Wrap  (I recommend to use the corn wrap)

The preparation is super fast and easy:

Step one:

Mix your filling: Tuna, chopped chives, desiccated coconut and lime juice.

Step two:

Cook your plain omelette with just pinch of salt in between your thumb and index finger.

Step three:

Wrap it!

Mmmm, it’s really delicious!

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