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Hi, I am Ella

Professional project management in events and exhibitions for financial service industry, digital marketing specialist, a web designer & developer.


Conference Producing; Events and Exhibitions Management for Financial Services

Online Digital Marketing; Online Behaviour Analysis; SEO Management

Business Strategy and Operation Management in Startups; Infrastructure Strategies

Strategy & Project Management

Professional Experience Summary (2009 – 2019)

Experienced in all areas of the business within conference functions, mostly focusing on client relationship management with treasurers and vendors from banks and financial institutions. This has enabled me to understand and enhance my knowledge of corporate treasury, cash and risk management.

Another core responsibility I had was for projects in the Chinese Market and for the Learning Solutions team. I was responsible for all aspects when delivering projects in China: budgeting, fundraising, marketing, conference programme, logistics and client relations. I have created new products in new spaces to increase revenue and profit for the Learning Solutions division. One of the new products I created which has brought me huge interest and is being talked about by the financial services sector – Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency.

I drove the business forward in the research, development and implementation of new projects. Understanding market trends in FinTech particularly Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Fundraising, budgeting and planning for project delivery.

Area of Interest in Financial Services

  • Corproate Finance
  • Treasury, Cash and Risk Management
  • Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency
  • Trade Finance
  • Funding Solutions
  • Fintech
Professional Experience Summary in Business Operations and Strategy
2019 - present

After 10 years experience in the conference and event producing for the financial services industry, I was given an amazing opportunity to work in a startup company focused on the food and beverage industry franchise business. 

My core responsibilities and primary objectives are:

  • Built finance and accounting management framework from scratch
  • Implemented framework into Xero system to meet business growth and demand
  • Standardised finance operations SOP to stabilise cash management, budget and forecasting
  • Analysed and adjusted the team structure and built several teams with appropriate talent and skills 
  • Implemented HR information system 
  • Standardised recruitment and general HR operations SOP 
  • Standardised import procedure both internally and externally with all stakeholders
  • Introduced and implemented inventory management utilising the Tradegecko system 
  • The overall Supply Chain Management SOP from buying goods to delivering into the retail stores
  • From franchise consultations with potential leads to closing deals and implementing store set up with franchisees
  • Investor’s relations, successfully closed some funding rounds for the newly opened store outlets
  • New project development with potential local partners into other parts of Europe  


I'm familiar with ...

Microsoft Word 90%
Microsoft Excel 70%
Microsoft Powerpoint 90%
Finance Modelling 60%
Adobe Photoshop 80%
Adobe Indesign 70%
Adobe Dreamweaver 80%
Adobe Illustrator 60%
HTML / CSS Coding 90%
Javascript 50%
Python 40%

Web Design & Development

Self development apart from my career

In addition to my occupation, I have started self-learning creating websites by hand coding since 2009. I love drawing cartoons, graphics and creating websites. I use weekends and evenings to continue studying and improving my knowledge, my next target will always be to create a more and more dynamic website than the last one.

There are plenty of other relevant skills I will need to learn to enable me to create a better website with an improved and more dynamic user interface.

I am capable in responsive font-end design, HTML/CSS and web typography. You will be able to see a few websites I have built for fun and some graphic designs.


Blue Sky and Wine

A travel blog started in 2016, sharing travel experience and information.

Geeky Finance

A Chinese blog on Crypto and Blockchain, webpage was created in 2017 due to my interest in such a topic.

Link For Ideas

A website as a platform to connect ideas.


Offline websites built for fun between 2009 – 2017 …

First website made in 2009 and it’s just for fun and I found I really like playing with the codes to form the website layout. This website then was reformed in 2013 from using table tag to div tag.

Welcome to Shanghai – my home town. This website was built for a friend’s business in 2009. 

Another portfolio website built in 2013, I realised there is more to work on therefore it needed transformation.

Another portfolio website built in January 2014. I change my opinion on the colours therefore a new site is created.

Another portfolio website built in late 2014, just for fun!

This is the first online profile I created in 2017. It’s also the first mobile responsive page I made. 

I Speak ...

  • Native Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Fluent English
  • Advanced Spanish
  • Intermediate Japanese

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